Sian is a dedicated and compassionate local Acupuncturist who brings together healing and holistic well-being. With a thriving clinic at the heart of her professional journey, Sian extends her passion to the realms of meditation, sound therapy, and dance.

In addition to her acupuncture practice, Sian is a facilitator, guiding individuals through meditation groups and orchestrating sound therapy events.

Her empathetic nature and genuine commitment to the well-being of others create a safe space for exploration and self-discovery.
For Sian, music and dance are integral elements of her life. Recognizing the importance of movement in maintaining a harmonious flow of energy.

Sian firmly believes that movement is paramount to well-being, serving as a catalyst for keeping the Qi (energy) in motion and facilitating the release of stuck emotions and bringing fun and joy into our lives.



Get ready to dance the night away with local international sensation DJ Pete Daisy! Known for topping the Global Mixcloud charts, Pete is bringing his bass-bending tribal and hypnotic grooves to the first two Upraise nights.

Lose yourself in the music as Pete seamlessly mixes beats that'll keep you on the dance floor for hours. "I love seeing people embrace the joy of dancing together," says Pete.

While Ecstatic Dance sets are new territory for him, he's excited to share fantastic music and lose it to the music with all of you. If the first two nights go well, we'll be hosting fortnightly events starting mid-April after Pete's DJ tour in the French/Swiss Alps.

Don't miss out on this sonic journey

Join DJ Pete Daisy for an unforgettable experience at Upraise!



Meet Jon Sterckx, a seasoned percussionist with over 30 years of playing experience, adding a unique rhythmic flair to Upraise Dance events. Studying tabla in the UK and India from 1994 to 2006, Jon has collaborated with diverse musical groups, including Taaliqa, Dhani, Samswara, and Arhai.

Renowned for his solo multi-percussion live sampling project, Drumscapes, Jon has graced global stages like TED events, WOMAD Festival, and major UK world music events. His innovative work with Drumscapes has gained recognition from Ableton and led to collaborations with Bandlab.

Jon's rhythmic expertise extends beyond music, seamlessly integrating with dance, movement, and theatre performances. As a vital part of Upraise, he enhances the dance experience with his rhythmic prowess.

As a sought-after session musician, Jon has contributed to projects globally, collaborating with Grammy winners Christopher Tin and Arun Shenoy, as well as BBC Folk Award winners Phil Henry & Hannah Martin.

Experience the dynamic beats of Jon Sterckx at Upraise Dance Night, where his rhythmic journey enriches our musical and dance collaboration.